The School Prayer

O, Dear Good Shepherd
make our School a home away from our home.
Make us always feel
that we all belong to a family
and that the teachers
are like our parents. We believe
that you speak through them
when we listen to them
Give us more wisdom to all concerned with us
so that they may guide us
always on the right path

Make us know
your presence and power
by rewarding and punishing us
. Let us not become proud when we are rewarded
and let us not become humiliated
when you punish us for our mistakes.
Give us enough strength
to forget and forgive
as you forgive us our sins

Shower your blessings on this school for its growth and progress
into a big and good school.

Give us everything to make our life in this school
a happy one.
This we ask for your love's sake. AMEN