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Back 2 Roots 2017 leaves Old Shepherdians smiling and filled with nostalgia

It was time for the lump in the throat, the tear in the eye and the tug in the heart. The strict disciplinarian, the affectionate but stern mother and the wonderful classmate were waiting with open arms to receive the ex-Shepherdians, especially the batch of 1992 back into the fold again. On 21st, 22nd and 23rd April 2017, the school celebrated Back 2 Roots, the Annual Meet for her alumni. The alumni arrived on the 21st and visited both the campuses.

Shepherdian 2017

The 1992 batch of Old Shepherdians

On 18th, four representatives of the 1992 batch addressed the school after Mr. Murugendra Chigateri, the President of the Alumni Association, expressed his thoughts to the school and her alumni. Mr. K. A. Kushalappa, Chairman Emeritus showed a presentation that was a collage of his source of inspiration and a trip down memory lane. The Principal, Dr. P.C. Thomas, briefly summed up his impressions regarding Back 2 Roots and the alumni of the school while Mrs. Elsamma Thomas cut her birthday cake and expressed her gratitude to one and all.

It was fun and frolic for the rest of the two days: taking photographs together, participating in Antakshari representing their houses again, playing Basketball and having meals together. Once again they sang ‘Hail Good Shepherd, Our Alma Mater’; once again all the members of the OSA had wonderful memories to treasure and cry and laugh over.